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Lawrence Pradhan (Nepal)

Lawrence Pradhan

Lawrence is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT200 and a full-time senior teacher at PURE Yoga HK. He has been teaching yoga since late 2007. Shortly afterwards, he was blessed with the opportunity to meet his spiritual teacher Carlos Pomeda. It was through his studies with Carlos that Lawrence began to discover the true essence of his yoga practice.

Ross Rayburn and Patrick Creelman have also influenced Lawrence deeply, showing him how to connect biomechanical principles of alignment with qualities of the heart. Through his exploration of these concepts, he became certified in Yoga Therapy in 2011. Lawrence is the founder of Upeksha Yoga and has been teaching Upeksha Yoga since 2010.

What does Upeksha mean?

Upeksha means remembering the source, acknowledging the source, connecting with the source and offering back to the source. It means stepping back and seeing the bigger picture. Zoom Out and zoom In (spanda)! Zoom Out to have a broader horizon and Zoom In to pierce through the clouds that are covering the light of the heart to feel and experience the pulsation of life, to come alive. Upeksha Yoga is a bridge between you and your highest goal.

Lawrence’s classes are energetic, fun, dynamic, and challenging. He incorporates Tantric philosophy by
encouraging students to pause, soften, and remember the strength of their spirit. From this remembrance, the practice becomes a celebration of their innate goodness.


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