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iRest Yoga Nidra Charity(WEB)3 Feb 2017 Melbourne

This is a special donation-based charity event open to all to help raise funds for Animals Australia (, Australia’s foremost national animal protection organisation. ALL donations go towards Animals Australia to support the wonderful works they do (Suggested Donation of $20).

At this charity event, Fuyuko will offer an iRest® Yoga Nidra taster evening exploring five simple inquiries in which to help you discover that which is always whole, healthy, resilient, and peaceful. iRest® Yoga Nidra is a research-based meditation, relaxation and healing protocol. The practice of iRest enables you to deeply calm your nervous system, integrate difficult emotions and thoughts, and offers you a portal for awakening to your essential nature, timeless Being. iRest meditation is both an excellent personal practice, as well as an adjunctive practice for healthcare and healing professionals.

This event is open to everyone: both experienced yoga practitioners and newcomers alike who wish to sample the fullness that iRest has to offer for health, healing, resiliency, well-being, awakening, and the wholeness of being.

The space is VERY LIMITED so please do RSVP online early to avoid disappointment. Bring a friend or share this event with your family, friends and colleagues. Together we can make a real difference.


Date/Time and Venue:

7:00-8:30pm 3rd Feb 2017 Friday @ 320 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141

The venue has very limited yoga props so please do bring with you any items you need for your own practice and comfort. Things we suggest the attendees to bring are:

* Yoga Mat
* Notepad and pen for journaling
* A blanket or something to cover your body when lying down iRest practice (body temperature drops down few degrees as the body relaxes. So it is best to cover your body with a throw or blanket).
* A pillow or cushion to support your head if you need
* Eye pillow to cover the eyes during the practice (optional if you don’t wish to use that is ok)
* A bolster for your legs (this will support your lower back)
* A meditation chair or cushion if you need

About Fuyuko:

Fuyuko Toyota is a certified iRest Yoga Nidra® Senior Trainer, Retreat Leader and Supervisor/Mentor, senior registered teacher with Yoga Australia and a member of Association of Meditation Australia. She currently serves in a voluntary capacity as the Director of Integrative Restoration Institute Australasia. For the past 20 years she has been deeply committed on the path of Yoga and ancient Non-Dual wisdom. She has been teaching since 1996. She incorporates iRest and Self-Inquiry in her teachings of Yoga, somatic body awareness and meditation at her studio on the Gold Coast, Australia and internationally.

In 2007, Richard Miller, her spiritual mentor, brought to Fuyuko a deeper understanding of living life in a Non-Dual way, in harmony with all of life. From a life of ever deepening joy, astonishment and Stillness, a heartfelt desire to share these precious teachings has sprung forth.

She teaches and hosts iRest trainings and retreats internationally. She has been assisting and co-teaching iRest trainings in Australia and North America for Richard Miller and other senior trainers. She offers individual, small group classes, corporate yoga, restorative yoga, fundamental courses, workshops, simple meditation and iRest (Integrative Restoration) for restoration and deep inner inquiry.

Fuyuko has attended many of Donna Farhi’s workshops over the last ten years and completed her Advanced Teacher Training in 2005. In addition, Fuyuko has assisted Donna on her 150-hour Advanced Teacher Training in 2010 and 2012. Donna Farhi’s authentic approach to Yogic teaching has influenced Fuyuko’s yogic practice and approach to life. Her teaching emphasises on body & breath awareness and movement principles applied in a safe comprehensive way. She encourages students to find the inner teacher within and develop deep communion with their body, mind and spirit.

Fuyuko truly enjoys living life with iRest, Meditation and Yoga,  and wishes to share her love of all that is flowing out of her heart. She guides her students along the Yogic path to discover truly who we are, and guides us back home, to our True Nature.

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