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YOGALIGN® 75HRS TT(WEB) - NEW20-26 Nov 2017 Melbourne

YogAlign® 75Hrs Teacher Training with Michaelle Edwards (USA) – Creator of YogAlign® System

Approximately 95% of all pain in the human body is a result of poor posture and joint misalignment. Most people shrink as they age, leading to pain and joint issues. Stretching the body is not enough to create balance and can even lead to injury. Even athletic people can have poor postural habits that lead to injuries and performance issues. The key to being pain-free is to regain the natural posture design for the human body. Michaelle Edwards, a yogi, musician and body worker developed YogAlign® in Kauai Hawaii 25 years ago. She saw a need to create a system of yoga based on postural alignment and self –guided bodywork.

YogAlign® is . . .

  • Yoga practice for optimal alignment using painless and safe body positions and poses
  • Unique breathing techniques that tone the core and align posture from the inside out
  • Self-massage to stimulate blood flow, nourish tissues and increase kinesthetic awareness
  • Fascial freedom of the connective tissue web – a major determinant of our posture, movement and even our moods
  • Full body flexibility/strength balance techniques that simultaneously increase efficiency of muscle chains and functional ROM (range of motion)
  • Neuromuscular re-patterning techniques encoding aligned posture at the nervous system level
  • Activating the psoas/diaphragm connection for core centered movement, enhanced breathing, organ support, and emotional balance
  • Global body awareness and ability to meditate in movement directing consciousness in the present moment
  • Kindness, compassion and non-judgment towards self and others
  • Impeccable in thoughts, speech, and actions

YogAlign® can be done by anyone of any age or fitness level using comfortable, functional poses and movements, neuromuscular re-patterning, self-massage, and deep core breathing methods. YogAlign® techniques can be applied to any sport, movement exercise, or posture habit.

YogAlign® is unique in the yoga world with its approach to changing posture though breathing techniques that reactivate the deep postural/muscular forces that are often sabotaged from chair sitting, stress, and forced compartmentalized exercises.

When posture is aligned, body systems and organs function optimally. Anxiety and depression are alleviated and there is an increase of energy levels as well as beneficial hormones. YogAlign® has been documented to increase height, decompress joints and allow for unrestricted movements of breathing that regenerate the body from the inside out.

This 75 hour course is for yoga teachers, body workers, health care practitioners, LACs, PTs, MDs, fitness, and movement educators seeking to learn the unique posture alignment techniques of YogAlign. This course is to give people the training necessary to teach YogAlign® methods in their practice.

“Michaelle’s teaching offers inner and outer alignment in harmony with the beautiful island of Kauai. A practice with mana and prana.” – Shiva Rea

“Michaelle’s book is a useful tool for yoga teachers as well as a good adjunct book for body workers. Michaelle Edwards bases her YogAlign system on sound principles with practical and useful excercises and awareness.” – Thomas Myer

What to expect at the Training:

  • Learn to teach yoga for optimal alignment using safe body positions and poses
  • Neuromuscular re-patterning techniques encoding aligned posture at the nervous system level
  • Fascial freedom of the connective tissue web – a major determinant of our posture, movement and even our moods
  • Full body flexibility/strength balance techniques that simultaneously increase efficiency of muscle chains and functional ROM (range of motion)
  • Use breathing to tone the core and calm the nervous system
  • Decompress and strengthen joints while moving from center
  • Activating the psoas/diaphragm connection for core centered movement, enhanced breathing, organ support, and emotional balance
  • Creating balanced body tensegrity
  • Learn body/ posture reading and how to use yoga to correct imbalances
  • Global muscle, bone and fascia anatomy


YogAlign® Poses: Most of the training will be practicing and teaching the YogAlign® poses and methods to realign posture. The required YogAlign® book contains all the poses we will be covering.

Breathing: Activate the deep front line of the body and create the Foundation with Core SIP Breathing. Our breath creates our core structural body alignment, directs our nervous system responses, and defines our emotional and physical well being. Participants will learn to identify their individual and others’ breathing habits that may be limiting or distorting posture and movement patterning.

Body Reading: Postural assessment to determine aligned posture or deviations from natural alignment which may be causing chronic pain or leading to long term joint compressions etc.

Fascia Rebalancing: How our fascia, the organ of posture can be reorganized quickly and painlessly to support rather than distort our movement and breathing habits

Psoas/Diaphragm Activation: Using anatomical illustrations and experiential exercises, participants will learn to engage the connection of the diaphragm and the deep groin muscles of the psoas. The psoas is involved with movement, breathing, organ support, emotions, and spine alignment.

Core Balancing: Synergizing the trunk muscles to engage primarily as stabilizers rather than flexors using poses and breathing. How to make sure that yoga poses and exercises work the body globally.

Retrain Your Brain: Learn Concentric/Eccentric PNF Neuromuscular Exercises. The wisdom of laughter and connecting with your bio-intelligence.

Self-Massage: Effective self-massage is the tool for bringing blood flow, oxygen, relaxation, and sensory awareness to our soft tissue. The skin is the “ surface of the brain”.

Experiential Anatomy Exercises: Special techniques to feel our anatomy and to unwind tension in the body and undo poor postural habits

YogAlign® Teaching Practice: Each day participants will have a chance to practice teaching each other what they learn each day. Teaching is the best way to “ learn and master “ YogAlign®. Partner work done during the class will help one to ingrain the techniques. Practicing with a partner enables one to assimilate 90% of the techniques in the training.

Functional Movement and joint protection: How to sit, move and drive in real life activities using the YogAlign® techniques. Injuries are up in yoga, fitness, Pilates and sports. This course will help you decipher the functional value of poses and exercises enabling you to make sure what you are teaching is contributing to natural anatomical function and a beneficial outcome.

Importance of posture and health: How chronic pain is related to posture. Using YogAlign® to address neck and knee pain, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, anxiety, depression, and digestion issues etc.

*Participants will be photographed before and after if they wish to track their postural changes. The course will be approximately 80% practice and 20% lecture.

Required Reading:

YogAlign®, Pain-free Yoga from Your Inner Core by Michaelle Edwards (Please read chapters 1 ~8 before the start of the training)

Order book or ebook @

Suggested Resource:

Book and video: Trail Guide to the Body Book and Workbook by Andrew Biel

Anatomy App: Essential Anatomy 5


8:00 am – 12:00 pm   YogAlign® Practice & Lecture

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm   Lunch

1:00 pm   – 5:00 pm YogAlign® Teaching Practice


Skintopia Yoga and Wellness Sanctuary(Former AYA Abbotsford), Suite 11 Acacia Place, 677 Victoria St Abbotsford, VIC 3067


1) Ride a Bike – the Yarra Trail along the river will get you to the studio doorsteps in the most relaxing way, and it’s good for the planet too! :)

2) Public Transport – You can catch tram route 109 anywhere from Port Melbourne to Box Hill and get off at stop 25/River Boulevard. From there it’s 50m walk to the studio; If you take the train, passengers on the Epping and Hurstbridge lines should catch the train to North Richmond Station then catch tram route 109 and get off at stop 25/River Boulevard; passengers on all other lines should get off at Parliament Station and from the McArthur Street exit you can catch tram route 109 and get off at stop 25/River Boulevard.

3) Drive a Car – Parking inside the Acacia Place complex is only $7/day OR you can park cross the street at Victoria Garden Shopping Centre.


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